Bullitt Bike

from $3599.99

This is the original Bullitt cargo bike by Larry vs Harry. It is a fast, lightweight and flexible transport solution for families, businesses and everyone in between.

Larry and Harry based the Bullitt design princicples on the classic Danish Long John. It had to be strong, fast and reliable. But Larry and Harry knew this bike had to be more than just functional, it had to be eye-catching and fun to ride.

The Bullitt bike is amazing quality and owners around the world continue to rave about this product giving it one of the largest fan followings for cargo bikes. You can opt to have this bike stripped down to a base model or have it decked out with an amazing electric system. Don't forget you can also add-on amazing accessories such as the kids pack with side panels, foldable seat and canopy.

The stripped-down Bullitt is for the user who's got a plan, whether that means strapping cargo down to the chassis by bungee cord, buying one of Bullitts cargo-boxes on the chassis, or throwing down a big plastic bin for groceries. You just have to choose your frame colour and drivetrain.

The E8000 Bullitt cargo bike takes Bullitt's reputation for handling and adds the Shimano E8000 e-assist, a system that isn't just about power and torque (it has both in abundance) but was designed for the rapid acceleration/deceleration of mountain bikers who also want high-boost options for big hills and high-traction for corners or wet days. The E8000, unlike other systems, knows when to give the power and how much, it's crunching your data inputs like its reading your mind. It should be no surprise the E8000 also comes with Shimano's high-end e-assist XT-level gruppo, combining a wide 418% gear range using Shimano's lightning-fast Di2 electronic shifting. Oh yes, it doesn't get better than this. 

Have you fallen in love with the Bullitt? Well cargo bikes are our passion here at Vic Bikes Family & Cargo, so we understand. The Bullitt is made in Copenhagen, but ships direct to us from our Canadian distributor 2-4 weeks after purchase. Your bike comes fully assembled by Vic Bikes and is available for free pick-up right here in Victoria, BC. Let us know if you’d like to order, or if you have any questions.

For more information about the Bullitt bike you can check out their website here.